Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) is in the process of creating its 2018-2023 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).


The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee is seeking public comment on the recently 2018-2023 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) document for SENDD. The CEDS document is the culmination of the process designed to bring together the public and private sectors to diversify and strengthen our regional economy. The information contained in the document may be used for future planning, funding applications and development projects as we move forward within the region. It is required by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to submit this document in order to qualify for assistance under its public works economic adjustment, and most planning programs.

This document is available for review online at:  and in person at Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD), 2100 Fletcher Ave, Ste. 100, Lincoln, NE 68521 or 804 3rd Street, Humboldt, NE  68376.

Questions or comments may be submitted to Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD), or by calling 402-475-2560. Comments will be received by SENDD beginning November 27, 2018 through December 26, 2018.

CEDS Documents


Action Plan 1

Action Plan 2

Action Plan 3

Action Plan 4

Steps in the SENDD CEDS Update Process:

  • Identify a Strategy Committee (SENDD Board of Directors and Staff) – Completed
  • Data Collection –  Completed
  • Region-wide Survey – Completed
  • Input Sessions at Regional Workshops – Completed
  • Prepare Final Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy – Completed
  • Release draft CEDS for 30-day public review & comment – November 2018 – In Progress
  • Adoption by the SENDD Board of Directors and Submittal of the CEDS document to EDA –  December 2018

The CEDS is a requirement for designation as an Economic Development District by the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.  The 27-member SENDD Board of Directors, which is composed of elected officials, private sector representatives, and stakeholders is the center Council of Government (COG) in the process and oversees SENDD Staff delivery of economic development services related to the CEDS.

The previous CEDS documents for SENDD are listed below.


2012 CEDS County Assessments (click links below for pdf document)
County Development Opportunity Assessments were prepared by the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship in support of the SENDD CEDS process.

All supporting research and analysis for the assessment is available in the Center’s online library at:

                                                                    Username: SENDDNE                                    Password: Foundation1 (case sensitive) 

County Assessments below outline the top 5 economic development opportunities for each county.  They also summarize some economic factors that are currently affecting the area.  This information was assembled and presented to county officials as part of the CEDS process, and incorporated into the final 2012 SENDD CEDS document.

Cass County Assessment                                                                                                                                                                                  
Fillmore County Assessment
Gage County Assessment
Jefferson County Assessment
Johnson County Assessment
Nemaha County Assessment
Otoe County Assessment
Pawnee County Assessment
Polk County Assessment
Richardson County Assessment
Saline County Assessment
Saunders County Assessment
Seward County Assessment
Thayer County Assessment
York County Assessment
SENDD Disaster and Economic Recovery and Resiliency Strategy 
The SENDD Disaster and Economic Recovery and Resiliency Strategy was approved by the SENDD Board on December 19, 2013 and submitted to EDA on December 23, 2013
SENDD Disaster and Economic Recovery and Resiliency Strategy
2007 County CEDS – Chapter 1 Development Strategy
Gage County
Polk County
Saline County– (Full CEDS)
Seward County
Thayer County
York County
2002 River Country Economic Development District (RCEDD)
CEDS – Chapter 1 Development Strategy – Includes the Counties of:
Cass, Johnson, Nemaha, Otoe, Pawnee, Richardson, and Saunders