Housing Rehabilitation

SENDD assists member communities and counties to apply for funding through the Nebraska Affordable Housing Program (NAHP) to implement community-wide, and/or regional housing rehabilitation programs.   Financial assistance may be available to income-qualified families, who own and occupy their homes; to conduct necessary repairs for the home to meet minimum housing quality standards.

Applicants must have a total household income for CDBG-funded programs at or below 80% of the area Median Family Income (MFI) and for NAHTF-funded programs at or below 100% of the area Median Family Income (MFI) for the County in which the program is being implemented.  Eligibility is based on family size.

The goals of the program are to increase the attractiveness of the communities, prevent the spread of blight, increase the number of habitable dwelling units, promote continued homeowner­ship, discourage abandonment or neglect of homes and provide assistance to those persons of the greatest need.  Financing is typically available as a Conditional Grant, Deferred Loan or 0% Interest Loan depending on family size and total household income.

Eligible repairs may include, but are not limited to, structural repairs to foundations and roofs, upgrading heating and water heating systems, repairing wiring and plumbing, weatherizing windows, doors, attics and walls, as well as making homes more accessible and relieving overcrowding.  Garages and outbuildings, patios and landscaping, and hot tubs and spas are some of the items that are usually not eligible for funding.

SENDD is currently assisting the following Nebraska communities to implement owner-occupied housing rehabilitation programs:

2014-2017 Programs

Crete – CDBG 14-HO-3S067 – Application 2014Program Flyer (English)Program Flyer (Spanish)Program Guidelines (Crete)

Humboldt – CDBG 14-HO-3S056 and NAHTF 14-TFHO-3S018 – Application14 HO CDBG Program Guidelines14 Trust Fund Program Guidelines

Tecumseh – CDBG 14-HO-3S057 – ApplicationProgram Guidelines

Nebraska City – CDBG 14-HO-3S058 – ApplicationProgram Guidelines

2016-2018 Programs

Talmage – CDBG 15-HO-16072 – ApplicationProgram FlyerProgram Guidelines

2017-2019 Programs

Fairmont – Application; Program FlyerProgram Guidelines

Deshler – ApplicationProgram FlyerProgram Guidelines

Fairbury – ApplicationProgram FlyerProgram Guidelines

2018-2020 Programs

Falls City – Application; Brochure

Geneva – ApplicationBrochure

Hubbell – ApplicationBrochure

Pawnee City – ApplicationBrochure

Steinauer – ApplicationBrochure

Wymore  – ApplicationBrochure


For more information or to receive an application and program guidelines for owner-occupied housing rehabilitation in one of the above communities, please contact SENDD at 402-475-2560.