Board of Directors

The SENDD Board of Directors is comprised of 27 members that oversee contract approvals, policy, and membership services of the organization.  The Board of Directors includes one county commissioner/supervisor from each of the 15-member counties that SENDD serves, as appointed by that county board of commissioners/supervisors.  In addition, the SENDD Board of Directors includes non-elected representation from Stakeholder Organizations, Private Sector, and At Large who serve on the board in terms up to 3 years.

The SENDD Board of Directors typically meets once a quarter on the 3rd Thursday of the month in Lincoln. These meetings are open to the public.  An Executive Committee comprised of seven board members meet monthly via phone conference to attend to SENDD Business in-between quarterly full board meetings.   If interested in further details regarding the SENDD Board of Directors and its dealings, feel free to contact any of the SENDD staff or contact any of the below listed SENDD Board members.

The 2017 SENDD Board of Directors are as follows:

15 Elected County Representatives (appointed annually by the County)

  • James Peterson, Cass County
  • Bob Mueller, Fillmore County, Executive Committee
  • Erich Tiemann, Gage County, Executive Committee
  • Gale Pohlmann, Jefferson County
  • Les Agena, Johnson County
  • Bob Hutton, Nemaha County
  • Charles (Ron) Hauptman, Otoe County
  • Ron Seitz, Pawnee County
  • Mike Smith, Polk County
  • Terry Frank, Richardson County
  • Russ Karpisek, Saline County,
  • Leroy Hanson, Saunders County
  • Roger Glawatz, Seward County, Executive Committee – SENDD Board Secretary
  • Dave Bruning, Thayer County
  • Kurt Bulgrin, York County, Executive Committee – SENDD Board Vice-Chair

12 Non-Elected Representation (Nominations/Elections by Lot up to 3 year terms)

  • Stephanie Shrader, Private Consultant (At-Large Rep)
  • Patt Lentfler, Filmore County Development Coroporation (Stakeholder Organization Rep)
  • Lisa Hurley, York County Development Corporation (Stakeholder Organization Rep), Executive Committee – SENDD Board Chair
  • Daryl Long, Peru State College (Stakeholder Organization Rep)
  • Jerry Divis, Wahoo Realtor (Private Sector Rep)
  • Matt Raber, First Tri-County Bank (Private Sector Rep)
  • Cheryl Brandenburgh, Black Hills Energy (Private Sector Rep), Executive Committee – SENDD Board Treasurer
  • Bob Berggren, Rose Colored Glass (Private Sector Rep)
  • TiAnn Allen, Tri Valley Bank (Private Sector Rep)
  • Brook Aken, OPPD (At-Large Rep)