Community Development

SENDD provides technical assistance to member communities  to address a variety of community development needs, including water and wastewater improvements, senior centers, community centers, recreation facilities, street and drainage improvements, community planning and other community facilities that enhance the quality of life in the our service area.  The SENDD staff provide project and grant development assistance, guidance in budgeting and financial management of capital improvement projects, community attitude and income surveys, state and federal grant administration, and other services as requested by member communities.

SENDD’s community development staff have experience in project development and grant administration and work closely with state and federal funding agencies.  Member communities partner with SENDD to develop and implement community development projects that frequently involve:  Nebraska Department of Economic Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.

The services provided by SENDD to member communities are membership driven; staff assist local communities in accessing state and federal programs providing financial resources for critical community facilities.  SENDD serves as a coordinating and implementation agency for regional programs and activities, also.  Some recent examples include:  assisting member communities with a region-wide emergency warning system purchase program, providing micro business enterprise loans and technical assistance, and regional owner-occupied housing rehabilitation programs.

CDBG Comprehensive Investment and Stabilization (CIS) Program Needs Assessment

SENDD assisted communities to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment process.  The process incorporated citizen participation to identify community and economic development needs in a target area identified with high concentrations of low and moderate income persons. Funding was awarded to the communities through the Department of Econmic Development Community Development Block Grant Program and matched with local funds.  The process resulted in a final comprehensive needs assessment report and three-year action plan.   Needs assessment tools included a Community Needs Survey, SWOT Analysis, City Inventory and Neighborhood Meetings.

Nebraska City CIS Report and 3-Year Action Plan with Appendix

Plattsmouth CIS Report and 3-Year Action Plan (With Appendix)


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