Economic Development

SENDD possesses two loan programs which are available to assist businesses located in SENDD member communities.  These programs are the SENDD Intermediary Relending Program – Revolving Loan Fund (IRP-RLF) and Rural Business Enterprise Grant – Revolving Loan Fund (RBEG-RLF).  Both of these loan programs are a useful financial tool for any entrepreneur looking to start a new business, or an existing business looking to expand their operation.  The loan proceeds can be used for a wide variety of business needs under flexible terms and conditions.  These programs enable SENDD to fill financial “gaps” that may exist with these small business projects.

SENDD provides technical assistance to new and existing small businesses located in SENDD member counties and communities.  SENDD business development staff has knowledge of many local, state, and federal funding sources.  They will act as a liaison between the business owner and these agencies, streamlining the access to capital.  SENDD business development staff also provides business plan assistance, financial packaging, and advisory assistance to new and existing business owners.

SENDD also provides assistance to counties and communities with economic development issues.  SENDD currently provides administration for a total of 12 single and multi-community/county locally capitalized Community Development Block Grant revolving loan funds and LB840 programs under special services contracts with those political subdivisions.  We provide grant development assistance for counties and communities seeking funding for business and economic development, as well as administration of these programs if awarded.  SENDD staff is very familiar with economic development funding programs available through various local, state, and federal agencies.  SENDD is currently assisting several communities with administration of programs for economic development.

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